Saturday, July 22, 2006

Daniel Dunglas Home

One of the most celebrated spirtualists of all time was Daniel Dunglas Home. Home was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on March 20th, 1833 and at the early age of four, he displayed extraordinary abilities of clairvoyance where he was able to foresee future events and was able to foretale the death of a friend.

His mother was not surprised by this because clairvoyance had run in the family for years and he was considered blessed to have the ability. It was not until later years that his abilities grew to such an extent that poltergeist events occurred on a regular basis. It was not until his parents caught him smirking as a chair followed his sister that his parents ousted him from the house for his "demonic" behavior.

Home eventually started giving seances and astounded crowds with feats of other-wordly activity that amazed and terrified people. Home had the ability to raise objects and people off the floor and often against thier wishes. He could conjure spirit voices and manifest hands of pure white that floated in mid-air and then evaporated.

He also had the ability to control fire without getting burned and to levitate and move his body in the air at will. He could read the future for people or detail events in thier lives. If this was not enough, Home had the unusual ability to enlongate his extremities over a foot in length which so distressed some that they would flee in panic.

What made Home even more famous was that he never asked for any money and did the seances in peoples own homes and in broad daylight or in well lit rooms. Many accounts of his exploits endure to this day and debunkers and stage magicians claimed they could reproduce what Home did, but were never able to duplicate them. Later in his years, Home claimed that much of what he did was not under his control. Was Home the real deal? Was he blessed (or cursed) with unusual powers or was he one of the greatest magicians of our time.